Program Genesis

The Digital Canberra Challenge (DCC) is an ACT Government initiative of Growth, Diversification and Jobs, A Business Development Strategy for the ACT which aims to engage ACT innovators and SMEs in the development of new or improved digital government services. It is anticipated that this will stimulate innovation in electronic and mobile technologies, in turn helping to improve community access to government and public sector services.

There will be two competition rounds per year. It is proposed that the program run for three years; to be formally reviewed annually.

The first competition round is scheduled to begin in Sept 2013 and run for approximately 6 months.

The DCC will be delivered by the Australian e-Government Technology Cluster (the eGov Cluster for short) under the direction of a Program Board.  The Cluster has been engaged under an official ACT Government Deed of Grant (initially for one year).

The eGov Cluster is sponsored and managed by NICTA; it fosters the uptake of Australian ICT innovation by the public sector.  It does this to both advance the Australian ICT industry and to improve public administration.

Program Board

The Program Board is the principal governance authority providing strategic direction and control to the Cluster in the management of the Program.  The eGov Cluster reports to it for the Program.  Appointments to the Program Board are on a pro bono basis for a period from the inception of the DCC in May 2013 to the conclusion of the Program around June 2016.

Board composition is as follows:

Tony Henshaw

Eminent ICT person;
Independent Consultant at Corporate Governance and Business Mentoring;
Board Member at NICTA;
Inaugural ACT ICT SME Advocate at CollabIT ACT;
Chair, Innovation, Education and Sustainability Taskforce at Canberra Business Council

Phil Robertson

Chief Operating Officer, NICTA

Anthony Bortolotto

CollabIT Board Member

Anne-Marie Perret

Canberra Business Council
Innovation, Education and Sustainability Taskforce at Canberra Business Council

Michael Chisnall

Government Information Office
Executive Director, GIO

Chris Tully

Shared Services
Director, Planning & Innovation and Shared Services

Glen Hassett/Robert Holgate/Daniel Chan

Economic Development Directorate
Senior Manager/Client Manager/Client Manager, Business Programs

Michael Phillips

eGov Cluster
Manager, eGov Cluster